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KCG KIRAN's Affiliate program lets you start earning generous commissions by promoting technology to your friends, clients, associates, other businesses, educational organizations to purchase KCG KIRAN solutions. Drive growth and create new earning opportunities


Our affiliate partners get access to a wide range of solutions, impressive commissions and excellent support every step of the way. It's free, it's easy, it pays!!

One of the Best Commission Rates- up to 15%

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FAQs – Know How it Works

How does the Affiliate Program Work?

KCG KIRAN affiliate program allows you to make money by referring our solutions to your contacts. We offer one of the best commission rates in the industry – up to 15%. Each time you refer a customer to our website and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission (a % of each sale).

Does it have any cost to join?

Applying to and participating in the KCG KIRAN Affiliate Program is absolutely FREE. There are no charges of any kind - there is no fee to apply and no minimum sales requirement.

Why Should I Join?

The KCG KIRAN Affiliate Program enables you to team up with the India's leading Live Classes, Online Test & Career Platform to earn extra revenue from your marketing efforts. Plus, our affiliates receive one of the Best commission % of up to 15% in the industry.

Who is eligible to become KCG KIRAN affiliate?

Anyone may submit an application and have the ability to promote content via an email, blog, website, app, or other similar channels. In order to receive payment, the affiliate must provide banking details.

However, we reserve the right to deny or revoke membership to any individual or company at any time if we deem they promote links to objectionable material. Objectionable material includes, but is not limited to, pornography, explicit language or content, violence, discrimination, promotion of illegal activities, violation of intellectual property rights or laws, libelous, defamatory or disparaging materials, or websites with little or no original content.

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